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Chantal Kobel on teaching Irish palaeography

Barbara McCormack on teaching with special collections and archives at Maynooth University Library

Paul Novosel’s archaeological adventures in the Bolton Library (originally posted at

Cynthia Turner Camp on teaching the materials analysis of manuscripts in the undergraduate classroom (Hargrett Hours Project)

Krista A. Murchison on her Blackboard module for teaching transcription


Alexander Peplow on his Master’s palaeography project, Bodleian Libraries MS Add. A. 92 (Luther autograph manuscript)

Henrike Lähnemann demonstrates writing with goose quills (video link to Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)

Anna Boeles Rowland and Pauline Souleau launch the Manuscripts Outreach Network

Mary Boyle on marginalia in the Ship of Fools  (research update, originally posted at

Samantha Blickhan on ‘doing’ and ‘teaching’ music paleography

Matthew Holford on reading and understanding catalogue descriptions

Sian Witherden on teaching medieval page design

David d’Avray outlines the palaeography and diplomatic teaching at UCL


Colleen Curran on introducing undergraduates to manuscript studies

Johanna Green on practical palaeography with modern scribes

Naomi Gardom on learning by doing

Emily Chow-Kambitsch on Ben Hur and palaeography

Sarah Laseke on a public engagement approach to teaching palaeography

Thom Gobbitt on learning to distinguish flesh side/ hair side of parchment (originally posted at

Teresa Webber on interdisciplinary course design in palaeography

Pauline Souleau on outreach and the perks of the manuscript

Henrike Lähnemann on fundamental historical skills training in Britain  (originally posted at


Eva Schlotheuber on source criticism in the digital age (translated by Mary Boyle) (original German version first posted at

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