Get involved: Submit a Teachable Feature!

The more Teachable Features we can offer, the more valuable this series will be as a resource. We’d also like to broaden the range of institutions whose collections are featured here.

If you’d like to propose a Teachable Feature, please fill in the form below:

Guidelines for Posts

  • A Teachable Feature can be as short as a single image and description.
  • Teachable Features should be submitted as a Word document (other mainstream word processing documents, e.g. Pages, LibreOffice, are also acceptable).
  • Our website is powered by WordPress, which supports footnoting, so please put any offline references into footnotes.
  • Online references will appear in the main text as hyperlinks. Please put the link in square brackets after the relevant reference.
  • Teachable Features should usually include at least one image or diagram. Please indicate where images are to be placed, and how they are to be captioned. Many libraries are very happy to allow online use of images, but please do obtain any necessary permissions. Please send images as separate files.
  • Please include a one or two sentence bio for the start of your post.
  • A more detailed PDF guide is available (last updated July 2020).

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