Teaching the Codex 2019 Colloquium

Teaching the Codex 3: Decentring the Codex took place on Thursday, 24th October 2019 at Merton College, Oxford.

Podcasts of a number of papers will be available soon; a Wakelet [~Storify] of the colloquium is available here.

The rationale for this colloquium was as follows.

There have been two Teaching the Codex colloquia (2016 and 2017) that have focused almost exclusively on the pedagogy and palaeography of Western manuscripts in Latin alphabets. In this third colloquium, we are taking some first steps in bringing together scholars who work on, and have experience in teaching, manuscript studies across a range of alphabets with script-based panels focusing on Hebraic, Arabic, Chinese, Armenian, and Latin manuscripts. Rather than acting to the exclusion of those working on Western manuscripts in Latin alphabets, it is our hope that, by expanding our geographical focus, we will all benefit from exploring and learning from the pedagogical methods of those working on different alphabets and manuscript traditions, at times written with and on different media.

Participants are Phil Booth, Julia Bray, Stewart Brookes, Dorrit van Dalen, Yasmin Faghihi, Christopher Foster, Rahel Fronda, Imre Galambos, Alex MacFarlane, Anne McLaughlin, Dirk Meyer, Robin Meyer, Anne Marie O’Brien, Andrea Palandri, Daniel Sawyer, Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, and David Zakarian.

The timetable is available here.

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