Teachable Features

Teachable Features is an illustrated series exploring manuscripts with interesting or unusual features as a pedagogical resource. We plan to to develop it into a digital facility which can be accessed without geographical restrictions. Teachable Features will be an irregular series, and depends on you! If, in the course of your research, you encounter a manuscript which could be used in the demonstration of particular palaeographical or codicological features, please get in touch .


Series Announcement

Teachable Features 1: Binding error, MS Bodl. 565

Teachable Features 2: Pricking and ruling, MS. e Musaeo 54

Teachable Features 3: Reading and understanding catalogue descriptions

Teachable Features 4: Writing with Goose Quills

Teachable Features 5: Trimming and compilation in Cambridge UL, MS Dd.10.44

Teachable Features 6: Holes and damage, MS Laud Misc. 237

Teachable Features 7: Hair side vs flesh side, MS Bodl. 565

Teachable Features 8: Errors and Corrections (multi-source post)

Teachable Features 9: Types of Marginal Notes (Rise Project collaboration)

Series: Navigating Biblical Manuscripts

Teachable Features 10: Eusebian Canons (Navigating Biblical Manuscripts 1)

Teachable Features 11: Breviarium (Navigating Biblical Manuscripts 2)

Teachable Features 12: Another Error (Navigating Biblical Manuscripts 3)

Teachable Features 13: Decorative Features in Medieval Manuscripts

Teachable Features 14: Digitization as a Teachable Feature

External Links for Manuscript Vocabulary

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Central European University Manuscript Glossary

Columbia University’s Common Terms in Rare Book Cataloguing

Western University Canada Manuscript Studies Course Notes

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