Some of our speakers have kindly given permission for us to share their papers at Teaching the Codex colloquia as podcasts. You can also find the full Teaching the Codex podcast series at Oxford University Podcasts or on iTunes.

2019 Teaching the Codex Colloquium

Phil Booth gives closing remarks at the 2019 Teaching the Codex colloquium.

Anne McLaughlin speaks on ‘Many Books and Certain Books: Irish Manuscripts’.

Anne Marie O’Brien and Andrea Palandri speak about the Irish Script On Screen Project.

Yasmin Faghihi speaks about the Islamic manuscript tradition.

David Zakarian speaks about colophons in Armenian manuscripts.

Robin Meyer speaks about Armenian palaeography.

Imre Galambos speaks about teaching with manuscript codices from northwest China.

Judith Olszowy-Schlanger speaks about the aims, methods, and challenges of teaching Hebrew palaeography.

Stewart Brookes speaks on Hebrew palaeography in a digital age.

Editing and recording of 2019 podcasts by Jessica Rahardjo.

2017 Teaching the Codex Colloquium

Teresa Webber gives closing remarks at the 2017 Teaching the Codex Colloquium.

Marigold Norbye speaks about learning palaeography at the École des chartes.

Daniel Sawyer speaks about the teaching of palaeography and codicology in Oxford’s Faculty of English.

Pauline Souleau speaks about the Manuscript Outreach Network and the Wadham-Luton Access Project.

Anna Boeles Rowland speaks about the Manuscript Outreach Network. Introduction by Pauline Souleau.

Sian Witherden speaks about palaeography and undergraduate engagement. Introduction by Pauline Souleau.

Sarah Laseke speaks about her public engagement approach to teaching palaeography. Introduction by Pauline Souleau.

Spike Bucklow speaks about the materiality of manuscript images. Introduction by Emily Guerry.

Margaret Bent speaks about music palaeography in the classroom.

Eleanor Giraud speaks about music palaeography in the classroom (with slides).

Editing and recording of 2017 podcasts by Jessica Rahardjo.

2016 Teaching the Codex Colloquium

David d’Avray (UCL)’s closing remarks at the 2016 Teaching the Codex colloquium (with video).

Henrike Lähnemann speaks on the digital and the material in the classroom (with slides).

Daniel Wakelin speaks on codicology in the classroom (with slides).

Editing and recording of 2016 podcasts by Henrike Lähnemann.

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