Insights and Perspectives on a research-led teaching format in Medieval German Literature

We’re pleased to share Dr Balázs J. Nemes‘s presentation at the University of Freiburg’s Humanities and Social Sciences colloquium (HUMSS) on 6 July 2020. Dr Nemes is a Junior Fellow in Medieval German Literature at Freiburg. Dr Stephen Mossman, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Manchester, has translated this outline of the presentation:

Research-led teaching means going beyond the reception of established knowledge to participation in the process of generating new knowledge. A teaching format grounded in  research-based learning not only gives students the opportunity to gain an insight into the research practice of their own discipline, but also offers them the opportunity to learn that craft, and even to contribute to a certain extent to the scholarship itself. This is the ambition of a course that I regularly offer in the winter semester, which provides Master’s students in various subject areas of Medieval Studies with practical knowledge in dealing with medieval and thus essentially with handwritten books. My presentation offers an insight into the conception and the output of the previous seminar work as well as an outlook onto planned projects. The materials used for the poster exhibitions “Before Luther. German Bible translations in manuscript and print” (2017), “Convent literature. The Dominican nunnery of Adelhausen by Freiburg and their buried library” (2018) and “buochmeisterinne. Manuscripts and early printed books from the Freiburg Dominican nunnery of Adelhausen” (2020) will offer illustrative evidence. The teaching format to be introduced is likely to be important for all disciplines beyond Medieval Studies that, first, depend on the exploitation of historical sources, second, also want students to participate in that work, and third, are interested in making the results accomplished accessible to a wider (and not just scholarly) public audience.

You can watch the full (German-language) presentation by clicking here.

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