Call for speakers: The Workshop for Manuscripts and Text Cultures graduate colloquium


[This entry is preserved for archival purposes. The Workshop for Manuscripts and Text Cultures is the the Centre for Manuscript and Text Cultures and their website can be found here.]

Do you work on manuscripts or epigraphic texts from the ancient or pre-modern world?
Ever wanted to get expert feedback on your work in a relaxed and informal setting?
Would you like to share your work with leading academics in your field and beyond?

The Workshop for Manuscripts and Text Cultures is looking for graduate students to speak at a new doctoral colloquium. This is a unique opportunity to present your work and gain feedback from an interdisciplinary audience of students and experts alike. Each colloquium will have two twenty-minute papers from different fields, followed by a discussion. The aim is to generate wider conversations that cross subject boundaries, and share approaches to methodological issues.

The WMTC is a research group dedicated to the burgeoning field of manuscript studies, bringing together graduate students and specialists to push the boundaries of the discipline. The Workshop meets regularly and is notable for its welcoming atmosphere and vigorous contributions from graduates. These colloquia mean to build on that foundation.

‘Manuscript and Text Cultures’ describes a phenomenon that begins when handwritten manuscripts start to circulate more widely and knowledge transmission becomes increasingly text centred and no longer a predominantly oral exercise. The focus of the Workshop lies on examining material aspects of writing and text production, including inscriptions, as well as transmission and the interface between the oral and the written, across pre-modern literate societies.

Tuesday of 4th week each term, 12.30–2pm.

Magrath Room, The Queen’s College, High Street.

Please contact Selena Wisnom if you would like to present.

For more information about the WMTC click here.

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