New Series Announcement: Teachable Features

This month we will be taking a short break from publishing guest blog posts in order to launch a new series: Teachable Features.

During our colloquium on 6th February, Dr Julia Walworth suggested that a list of manuscripts with interesting or unusual features would be a helpful pedagogical resource. As an accompaniment to any such possible list, we will be posting illustrated examples of some of these features. We hope to develop this series into a useful digital resource which can be accessed without geographical restrictions. Teachable Features will be an irregular series, and depends on you! If, in the course of your research, you encounter a manuscript which could be used in the demonstration of particular palaeographical or codicological features, please get in touch with us.

The first Teachable Feature will be outlined by Dr Mary Boyle, one of the organisers of Teaching the Codex. She will be describing the binding error in Bodleian Library, MS Bodl. 565.

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