Music Panel Recordings

We would like to thank Margaret Bent and Eleanor Giraud for giving us permission to share their papers. Margaret Bent (Oxford) speaks at the 2017 Teaching the Codex Colloquium about music palaeography in the classroom. Eleanor Giraud (Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick) speaks about music palaeography in the classroom (re-recorded).

Teaching the Codex 2017 Storify

Update 2019: Storify is no longer functioning; this post remains for archive purposes.  Dr Colleen Curran has produced a Storify for our official Twitter hashtag #teachingcodex. With many thanks to Colleen, click on the taster-image below to see it all.

Timetable: Teaching the Codex 2017

Teaching the Codex II: further thoughts on the pedagogy of palaeography and codicology Follow us on Twitter: @teachingcodex, or via our official hashtag: #teachingcodex Saturday 6th May 2017                                     T. S. Eliot Lecture Theatre, Merton College 0915–0945:     Registration 0945–1000:     Opening remarks 1000–1130:      Session I: a) Continental and Anglophone approaches to teaching palaeography and codicology Irene Ceccherini (Oxford) (chair) Marigold …

Continental and Anglophone Approaches: Speakers

We are delighted to announce our speakers for the panel on Continental and Anglophone Approaches to Palaeography and Codicology at the Teaching the Codex colloquium in 2017. Dr Irene Ceccherini, Lyell-Bodleian Research Fellow in Manuscript Studies, and Dilts Research Fellow, Lincoln College, Oxford.  Follow her on Twitter here. Dr Daniel Sawyer, a postdoctoral researcher in …

Taking Palaeography Further (Outreach panel): Speakers

We are pleased to announce the speakers for our panel on palaeography and outreach, 'Taking Palaeography Further: schools, outreach, and the general public'. Anna Boeles Rowland, a DPhil student in Medieval History at Merton College, Oxford. Follow her on Twitter here. Sarah Laseke, who is a PhD researcher at Leiden University, as well as AHRC Doctoral …